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    Integrating QuickBooks Desktop


    Connex for QuickBookse-link.png is a commercial plugin for QuickBooks desktop Pro, Premier, Wholesale and Manufacturing or Enterprise editions that syncs selected purchase and contact information from ONTRAPORT into QuickBooks. Connex for QuickBooks supports QuickBooks in the U.S. and Canada

    • Creates new customers in QuickBooks when a new Contact purchases in ONTRAPORT

    • Syncs current Contact information into QuickBooks Customer database

    • Creates invoice payments in QuickBooks from ONTRAPORT orders

    *NOTE: Because ONTRAPORT does not have a Product SKU field, you must manually update QuickBooks to map the Product Name to the QuickBooks SKU field.


    • An ONTRAPORTexternal link account

    • A Payment Gatewaye-link.png set up in your ONTRAPORT account

    • Products and Order Forms set up to sell Products in ONTRAPORT

    • A Connex for QuickBooksexternal link account

    • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Wholesale & Manufacturing or Enterprise for the desktop

    Obtaining the API Key and APP ID

    1. Click your email address at the top right

    2. Navigate to Administration > Integrations section > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager


    3. Click the New API Key button


      1. If you receive the API Application form, fill it out and submit it.

      2. When your API application is approved, return here and generate the key as shown in step 4 below.

      3. We need to ask these brief questions to help protect both you and each of our other existing customers from potential exploits that could hurt their marketing efforts. Approval takes from one to two business days.

    4. When your API Key request has been granted, return and click the New API Key button again. Name the API Key. Select the Contact Owner and check off all Permissions for Connex for QuickBooks. Click Save.

    5. Copy the App ID and API Key to a text file for use in configuring Connex for QuickBooks


    Connecting ONTRAPORT to Connex

    1. Review the Connex for QuickBooks Setupe-link.png steps first. Step 2, "Pair your connection" is where you will identify ONTRAPORT as the integration option.

      1. Inside Connex, click the My Connections menu item and select ONTRAPORT under Solution Name


      2. Fill the required App ID and API Key fields with the information obtained in step 5 of Obtaining the API Key and App ID section.


    2. After pairing your connection with ONTRAPORT in step 2, follow the rest of the directions in "Pair QuickBooks using Intuit Web Connector".


    Q. I need help getting the integration to work.

    A. Connex provides support for their plugin. Please check with them at Connex for QuickBooks Supporte-link.png

    Q. Does the API connection allow Connex for QuickBooks to see my account details?

    A. No, the API allows Connex for Quickbooks to transfer Contact and sales data between ONTRAPORT and QuickBooks. None of your confidential information is shared via the API. Contact credit card numbers are also not exposed via the API.

    Q. Where can I find more about the operation of Connex for QuickBooks?

    A. See the Connex for QuickBooks Support Articlese-link.png.

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