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    Integrating with MailLift


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    MailLift is a handwritten letter service that can be integrated with ONTRAPORT. Once integrated, you can create Rules in ONTRAPORT to send a handwritten letters to any of your Contacts. The Rule simply sends an email coded with the Contact's information to MailLift. MailLift then creates the handwritten letter and envelope using the Contact's information The Rule can be a stand alone global Rule, a Rule step in a Step or Date Sequence, or a Rule on a Smart Form or Order Form.


    Creating the Message Template

    The Message Template is emailed to MailLift using a Rule. The Message Template specifies what is inserted into the handwritten letter. It uses a combination of MailLift and ONTRAPORT merge fields for the content of the letter, and additional MailLift codes for the letter's features, such as pen color, stationery type, etc.

    1. In the Contacts collection, click Messages and then the New Message button.

    2. Select the standard Email editor.

    3. Name the message template. Fill in the Subject line using "[bussname] - [First Name] [Last Name] - SUBJECT" where SUBJECT is any subject that will help the writer understand the nature of the letter.

    4. In the body of the email editor you include your return address and the recipient's address information for the envelope, the message itself, and notes to define the format and style of the letter itself.

    5. For the notes section the following options are available
      • Pencolor: Blue, Black, White (on a black background), Gold, Red and Green.
      • Stationery choices:
        • Bi-Fold

        • Bi-Fold with Logo

        • Crane & Company

        • Crane & Company with Logo

        • Custom Stationery (confer with your MailLift account manager)
      • Writing Style
        • Male Print

        • Female Print

        • Male Cursive

        • Female Cursive

        • All Caps

      • Post Mark Perfect, "Yes" indicates that letters are postmarked from your location (extra fees may apply)
      • Drop-Ins. You can supply the following to be included in the envelope
        • Business card
        • 2 business cards
        • Sticker
        • Gift card (specify the store + amount)
      • Send Alongs: Sent in a package along with the letter. Popular options are a book or bag of popcorn. Contact MailLift for more information about Send Alongs.
      • The line "@MailLift: Respond to ~Owner.Email" specifies how MailLift will notify you if there's an error. You can use ONTRAPORT's staff merge field for the Contact Owner, the MailLift merge field shown, or a manually inserted email address.
      • The completed Notes section of the Message Template might look like this:

    6. A text file containing an example of the body text you can copy and paste into the Message Template is available at the bottom of this article.

    Obtaining the MailDrop Key from MailLift

    Now that our message template is created have just a couple of steps to complete! The first is to obtain the MailDrop Key from MailLift. We only have to do this once, and can use the MailDrop Key for any of our letters.

    1. Log into your MailLift account
    2. Click the </> Integrations tab
    3. Copy the MailDrop Key for use in ONTRAPORT


    Creating the Rule in ONTRAPORT

    Any Rule in ONTRAPORT can send the Message Template to MailLift. A typical use would be a Rule step in a Step or Date Sequence, but a Rule on a Smart Form or Order Form, or a global Rule could also be used. In this example we will use a Rule Step in a Step Sequence.

    1. Add a Rule Step and name it
    2. Select Notify Someone with an Email under Then Do This

    3. Select Custom Email in the Select User drop down and enter your Mail Drop Key

    4. Select the Message Template in the Select Email drop down

    5. Save the Rule Step and Save the Step Sequence


    Q. Is the MailLift Integration supported by ONTRAPORT?

    A. No. While we have tested and approved the MailLift integration, they are an independent third party. All support questions should be directed to them.

    Q. Will sending the Message Template to MailLift impact my email sending stats?

    A. Yes. Messages sent by Rules count against your total number of messages sent.

    Message Template Body Text Download

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