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    Integrating with Facebook via Heyo


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.


    Heyoexternal link lets you create contests, promotion and deal pages for your Facebook account using a friendly drag and drop editor and optional pre-built templates. When using the pre-built templates the integration will only add new contacts to ONTRAPORT. Heyo also provides Drag-and-Drop Templates to design your own pages. The Drag-and-Drop Templates allow embedding the ONTRAPORT Smart Form code to enable nearly all the functions you expect. Note that Heyo's Facebook pages do not support tracking Partner (affiliate) links, and Marketing Tracker (UTM) parameters are not recorded.


    Sign Up for Heyo

    Check out Heyo's features and functionality at Heyo.comexternal link. After signing up for your Heyo account, you can get started creating Facebook contests, promotions and deal pages that push new contact information back into ONTRAPORT.



    Obtaining Your API Credentials

    1. Navigate to Administration > Integrations section > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager.

    2. Click the New API Key button.

    3. If you receive the API Application form, fill it out and submit it. When your API application is approved return here and generate the key as shown below. Approval takes one to two business days.  

    4. Select the Contact Owner and check off all of the Permissions.  

    5. Save

    6. The APP ID and API Key will be displayed. Copy them to a text file for use later.

    Note: If you were instructed to apply for API permission, our support team will receive your request. We will send any questions about the application to your Admin email address.



    Entering API Credentials in pre-built Templates

    Using Heyo's pre-built templates is quick and easy. However, only new Contact information is passed into ONTRAPORT. Existing Contacts are not updated in ONTRAPORT. In addition, you cannot automatically add Tags, Sequences, or Rules to the opt in forms on the pre-built templates. With these limitations in mind, you may decide the quick and easy method is acceptable. Configure a pre-built template and use these steps to connect it to ONTRAPORT for adding new Contacts.

    • In the editor sidebar, click the Content tab and then the Signup Form section.

    • Choose ONTRAPORT from the choices given.

    • Click the Connect to ONTRAPORT button .

    • The Add ONTRAPORT Account dialog will ask for a nickname and the API credentials. If you are working with multiple ONTRAPORT accounts, we recommend using a descriptive nickname so you can quickly assign these API credentials to future Heyo campaigns.

    • The ONTRAPORT Application ID is the APP ID created above; it includes your account after "2_"

    • The API Key is named the same in your ONTRAPORT account

    • Heyo will verify the API Key and APP ID. Continue to edit and publish the Heyo page.

    • Heyo will add the Contact details entered on the form to ONTRAPORT if the Contact does not already exist. Heyo does not update existing Contacts, and you cannot use Tracking or UTM parameters to further identify an existing Contact.


    Using the Drag-and-Drop Templates with HTML Form Code

    The Drag-and-Drop Templates accept Smart Form HTML Code to enable ONTRAPORT features such as Tagging, adding the Contact to Sequences, and running Rules on the Contact. While this method enables ONTRAPORT features, the Contact information is not recorded in Heyo. We no longer recommend using this method to integrate as you must disable our List Bombing protections.

    1. In Heyo, select the Drag-and-Drop Template option when creating a campaign.

    2. To insert an ONTRAPORT Smart Form into the Template add a HTML Widget.

    3. Click on the Widget to edit it. Paste the Smart Form's HTML Code into the edit box.

      1. To obtain the HTML Code, first design the Smart Form in ONTRAPORT. On the Settings tab, add all the Tags, Sequences, and Rules you desire. Click the Publish button when done

      2. Select the HTML Version tab to display the HTML Code. You may not have the HTML Version tab available as explained in our List Bombing article. We recommend using another method.

      3. Select the HTML Code and copy it to the clipboard. This is the code you paste into the HTML Widget in Heyo.

    4. Finish configuring the Heyo Drag-and-Drop Template and publish it to your Facebook page


    Note: Heyo will not track your Contacts when using this method. Be sure to configure your fulfillment, contest or other Sequence in ONTRAPORT when using the Drag-and-Drop Template method.



    Q. I'm not seeing existing Contacts tracked on Heyo Facebook pages. What's up?

    A.  When using the pre-built templates Heyo only adds new Contacts who sign up via your Facebook pages, but does not update existing Contacts. Use the Drag-and-Drop Template and insert a Smart Form's HTML Code in it to enable all of ONTRAPORT's features.

    Q. Can I create a Partner Program promo tool with the Heyo URL for my Facebook page?

    A.  No, the partner program information is not passed through to ONTRAPORT.

    Q. Can I use Marketing Tracker UTM parameters with the Heyo URL for my Facebook page?

    A.  No, the UTM parameters are not passed into ONTRAPORT

    Q. Can I create a Tracked Link with the Heyo URL for my Facebook page?

    A.  Yes, the Heyo URL can be the source URL for a Tracked Link in ONTRAPORT.

    Q. Where can I get more ideas for my Heyo campaigns?

    A.  Heyo has provided some examples on the Heyo Blogexternal link



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