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    Integrating with Wicked Reports


    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Wicked Reports is a SaaS marketing intelligence platform that provides total integration of marketing and sales data across social media, email, website and other campaigns. Compiling all the data in one place saves time and allows the marketer to focus on the marketing channels with the highest revenue generation. Integration with ONTRAPORT is straight forward, requiring only an initial API Key configuration and placement of the Wicked Reports tracking script on Smart Forms and ONTRApages.

    The API Key and APP ID

    1. Log into ONTRAPORT. Click your email address in the upper right and select Administration.
    2. In the Integrations section select ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager.

      Integrations Section
    3. Click the New API Key button. Name the API Key and select the Admin user from the drop down box. None of the other items need to be checked. Click Save.

      API Key
    4. You will be returned to the API Key listing. Copy the API Key and APP ID keys to a text file for use in Wicked Reports later.

      API Key Listing
    5. Log into Wicked Reports and select the Authorizations menu item in the left hand column. Select the ONTRAPORT tab. Paste the API Key and APP ID into the text boxes provided for them. Click Save.

      Wicked Reports API Key Entry
    6. Wicked Reports is now connected to ONTRAPORT and will access your Contacts and sales informmation for reporting.

    Adding the Tracking Script to Smart Forms and ONTRApages

    Wicked Reports can track all your contact's activity across different media platforms. Adding the Wicked Reports tracking script to your ONTRAPORT Smart Forms and Landing Pages is easy:

    1. Copy the Wicked Reports tracking script to a text file for use in all of your ONTRAPORT Order Forms and Landing Pages.
    2. For Smart Forms:
      1. Open the form for editing.
      2. Click the Add Content button.

        Add Content button
      3. Double click the new content section to open it for editing. In the palette, click the Source button.

        Content Source Button
      4. Paste the Wicked Tracking Code into the content section. Click outside of the content section to exit it, and save the Smart Form.
      5. ONTRAforms do not have the ability to accept tracking scripts. See below for using the script on a ONTRApage.
    3. For ONTRApages:
      1. Open the ONTRApage for editing.
      2. Click the Settings tab.
      3. Paste the Wicked Reports tracking script into the Custom footer code box under Custom Code.

        Custom Code
      4. Save and Publish the ONTRApage.

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