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    Integrating with LeadQuizzes

    About Integrating with LeadQuizzes

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above accounts.

    LeadQuizzes helps you "build a list of highly qualified leads through engaging quizzes and assessments that integrate seamlessly" with ONTRAPORT. Each quiz can have several "segment outcomes" based on the responses. LeadQuizzes adds the contact to ONTRAPORT with Tags representing the quiz itself and the specific outcome allowing you to leverage the power of ONTRAPORT's marketing automation to tailor your engagement with the new contact.

    Obtaining the ONTRAPORT API Key and APP ID

    1. Log into ONTRAPORT. Click your email address in the upper right and select Administration.
    2. In the Integrations section select ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager.
    3. Click the New API Key button. Name the API Key and select the Admin user from the drop down box. None of the other items need to be checked. Click Save.

      API Key
    4. You will be returned to the API Key listing. Copy the API Key and APP ID keys to a text file for use in LeadQuizzes later.

    Configuring LeadQuizzes

    1. Log into LeadQuizzes and click the Integrations link. Click the Connect button in the ONTRAPORT tile.

      Connect LeadQuizzes to ONTRAPORT
    2. Enter the APP ID and API Key in the pop up box and click Connect.
    3. LeadQuizzes will display the ONTRAPORT tile as a "Connected Account"

      ONTRAPORT is connected!

    Preparing for Your First Quiz

    LeadQuizzes uses Outcomes to segment your new leads. For example, the included quiz Do You Have What it Takes to be a Six Figure Coach / Consultant? has three possible outcomes based on the answers provided, You Have What it Takes, You Have Potential, or You Need to Learn More about Coaching.

    Create Contact Tags for each of these possible outcomes in ONTRAPORT using Contacts > Settings > Manage Tags. Create an additional Tag for the quiz itself. These Tags will be added to the Contact Record allowing you to harness the power of ONTRAPORT to segment and automate your tailored marketing efforts.

    Configuring the Quiz

    Select or create a new quiz in LeadQuizzes. The left side menu will show Configure and Outcomes as the first two options.

    1. Select the ONTRAPORT integration at the bottom of the Configure page:

      Set integration to ONTRAPORT
    2. Select the Tag you created for the quiz itself in the General Segmentation drop down. It will populate with all your Tags after the ONTRAPORT integration loads.
    3. On the Outcomes page, select a Tag for each outcome under Segment Outcome:

      Tags for outcomes
    4. After finishing the quiz configuration test it with a new contact name and email.


    Q. What happens if a current contact takes the quiz?

    A. Nothing bad! The integration will add the Tags to your existing contact as appropriate. This means you can have your contacts "self segment" themselves by taking a short quiz.

    Q. Does this integration expose any of my account information to LeadQuizzes?

    A. No, the API exposes the Contact Record to be written by LeadQuizzes, and the list of Tags to be retrieved. Your account information is not exposed.

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