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    Add Membership Login & Password Functions in WordPress


    Adding a Member Login Form to your WordPress Page or Post

    PilotPress includes an easy to use login form wizard to help you create a custom log in page. Make sure all the formatting icons are available in the Visual editor when editing a page or post, and click the Add Login Form icon. If you see only one row of icons click the Toggle Toolbar icon (shown in the top row "depressed"). The wizard will allow you to add a "Lost Password" function to the login page, set the width, colors, etc.

    Create a ‘Forgot Password?’ Form & Sequence

    You can create an alternative to the default "lost password" function in WordPress. Setting this up will allow you to send a custom password reminder email from your ONTRAPORT account, complete with all of your branding, rather than the generic WordPress email. 

    How to set this up

    1. Create a ‘Forgot Password?’ sequence

      1. Log into ONTRAPORT and go to the Contacts > Sequences Collection

      2. Create a new Step Sequence

      3. Create a ‘Forgot Password?’ email

        1. Add an email step

        2. Create a new email

        3. Insert the merge field for Password for that particular integrated WordPress site in the body of the email 

        4. Save the email

      4. Click the Settings button

      5. Check the box labeled Unsubscribe contact after last step 

      6. Save the sequence

    2. Create a ‘Forgot Password?’ pop up form

      1. Go to the Contacts > Forms and click the New Form button

      2. Select Create New on the ONTRAform icon
      3. Select the Start From Scratch template
      4. Name the form ‘Forgot Password?’ and click Add Block

      5. Select a Smart Form block and edit the Form
      6. Delete all fields except for the Email field

      7. Make the Email field required

      8. Edit the submit button to say something like ‘Reset Password’ 

      9. Click the Form Settings icon in the Palette

      10. Set the Opt-in Settings to Single

      11. Set the 'Send Contacts here:' page to a Custom URL that is the login page of your WordPress site

      12. In Manage Form Fills, set the form to subscribe the contact to the ‘Forgot Password?’ sequence from step 1 

      13. Save the Form Settings at the bottom of this dialog.

      14. Click Done in the palette to return to the Blocks on This Page view.
      15. Click the Publish button

      16. Select the Click to Pop Lightbox option and edit the link text to say Forgot Password?
      17. Click the Copy to Clipboard button 

    3. Add the ‘Forgot Password?’ form to your WordPress site

      1. In WordPress, open your login page for editing

      2. Click the Text tab in the editor
      3. Paste the form code from step 3 into the page underneath the login form code 

      4. Save the page


    The result

    Now when your client clicks the Forgot Password? link the ONTRAform will pop up. The Contact fills in their email address and is subscribed to the Forgot Password Step Sequence. 


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      Comrade iVan

      I like doing stuff on OP, but if the theme receives an update, I have to do the whole thing again.

      So I use a free WP plugin called Theme My Login instead (I'm not affiliated with them, plus it's free - )

      It allows me to place the login onto any regular page or a widget. It also allows me to handle redirects after logging in, lost password users, block out the users that are using a brute-force attack, place CAPTCHAs if I want them and much more. Been using it for years =)

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