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    Enable the Customer Center

    About the Customer Center

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    The Customer Center is where your contacts can log in and view invoices, review their purchase history, update their credit card details and change their login information.

    You need a ONTRAPORT account that is Plus level or higher to have membership functionality and an integrated WordPress site.

    How to Enable the Customer Center

    At 0:53 of the video below, we cover the Customer Center functions.

    1. Log into your integrated WordPress site
    2. Mouse over the Settings menu in the dashboard
    3. Click on PilotPress
    4. Find ONTRAPORT Integration Settings and check the box next to Enable Customer Center

    5. Save
    6. Select the Post-Login Redirect page you’d like your customers to see after they login
    7. We recommend setting this to Redirect Customers to the Customer Center (but you can choose any other page or WordPress hosted ONTRApage shown in the drop down if you aren't using the Customer Center)

    8. Save Changes

    What Customers See in the Customer Center

    • Unpaid Invoices
    • Payment history - every payment a customer has made
    • Subscriptions and payment plans - current subscriptions and payment plans
    • My Account - update their credit card information and their login username and password

    • This video shows a sample customer center at 1:02.

    Troubleshooting Customer Center Access

    Problem: Customers receive welcome email with blank email address and blank password

    Solution: In the welcome Step Sequence make sure you use a Rule Step to grant the membership in the site before the email with the merge fields.

    Problem: Customers are no longer able to login

    Solution 1: If you’ve un-hosted and re-hosted your WordPress site while you’ve had customers with logins, be sure to send your customers an email with the merge fields for their new login credentials once you’ve re-hosted your WordPress site.

    Solution 2: Check the access levels of your WordPress pages. If contacts don’t have the proper access level, they won’t be able to log in.

    Solution 3: Update PilotPress. Grabbing the latest version of the plugin may fix the issue.

    Solution 4: If you are using a redirect plugin with the PilotPress plugin simultaneously, disable the redirect plugin.

    Solution 5: The post login redirect page that you have set up may have the wrong access levels set. Verify and update the access levels if necessary.

    Changing the Credit Card for Payment Plans and Subscriptions

    How Your Contacts Can Change the Credit Card:

    The Contact can designate the credit card to be used for all future payments on payment plans and subscriptions in the Customer Center in WordPress by selecting Update Payment Info and selecting the radio button next to Use this card. When the Contact makes this change the card selected replaces the original card used for all payment plans and subscriptions from that point forward.

    Manage credit cards in the Customer Center in PilotPress

    Note: This changes the credit card used for all existing subscriptions and payment plans. To change the credit card on a single subscription or payment plan, and leave another card active on other subscriptions or payment plans, you will have to change the credit card on the specific order, as outlined below.

    Changing the Credit Card on Behalf of Your Customer:

    To change the credit card on behalf of your customer go to the Contact Record > Purchases tab.

    Locate the order in the Subscriptions and Payment Plans section and select it by hovering over it and checking the check box that appears. Click Edit Order in the Actions drop down box.

    Edit the open order

    The open order is displayed in a lightbox. Under Payment Info select Charge on the next billing date. Use the drop down next to Credit Card to select any of the active credit cards or add a new one. This change selects that credit card for all future transactions on this order. It does not affect any other subscription or payment plan the Contact has.

    Change the credit card on an open order

    WordPress Integration Resources

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    • Avatar
      Graham Jensen

      It would be great to be able to load the CC from a shortcode inside a theme page. If you are using a theme, the CC takes you outside the theme 

    • Avatar
      Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

      Yes Please make this a priority as I use optimize press and would like to place the CC into a OptimizePress (OP) template page. currently is creates a page that I can't convert to OP.

    • Avatar
      Stefan Gonick

      I agree that it would be great to load the Customer Center and the Partner Center from short codes.

      I'm having a lot of trouble integrating the centers with my site in OptimizePress. The auto generated

      pages don't use my custom design.

    • Avatar
      Nomiki Georgiadis

      I would like to know whether I can have more than one type of membership program on the one website and URL using pilotpress.


      If so... under settings where it says... "


      Add newly registered WordPress users to your ONTRAPORT contacts"

      and What tags should they have?  

      and What sequences should they be on?


      .... How would I distinguish which membership program ?


      In fact how would I distinguish between membership levels?

      Ideally, I'd love for my members to see that there are more programs and service offerings available, that they may not have yet purchased.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Nomiki - You would set up your various membership levels in ONTRAPORT and then add the membership levels to Contacts using Rules or Sequences. Our Knowledge Base article on that process is here: Creating Membership Levels and then here for adding members to those levels: Add Members and Release Content.  

      The setting in WordPress Admin > Settings > PilotPress was recently added as some clients wanted the ability for people to sign up at their WordPress site. They then use a Sequence or Tag to act on them in ONTRAPORT. What I've seen most often is a "Basic" or "Free" access level being given to these Contacts, then a drip mail campaign to encourage them to upgrade. 

    • Avatar
      Jeff Maughan

      +1 for the customer center shortcode. :)

    • Avatar
      Susan Zimmerman

      Yes please! Customer Center Shortcode =]

    • Avatar
      Martin Duran

      Is there a way to add a Cancellation Button on the Customer Center that updates a custom field so we don't have to lead with customer cancellations in a manual way???