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    Add Members & Release Drip Content in WordPress


    Adding Members to Your WordPress Site

    You can automatically add members to your WordPress site in ONTRAPORT. You can use a Step or Date Sequence that contains a Rule Step, a global Rule triggered off some action the contact takes, a Rule on an opt-in form or order form, etc. Any of these Rules can assign a WordPress Membership level to a contact in your database.

    The most common method is to use a Step Sequence. For each new membership level granted, you will want a Rule Step that grants the access. In most cases, you will also want an Email Step immediately following that advises the contact they have been granted membership. You can include their login username and password in this email. You can build out a very simple system that grants access one time, or one that drips access to different membership levels and content every few days. Once built, adding a contact to this Step Sequence automates the process. 

    How to Add Members to your WordPress Site

    1. Set up the step sequence

      1. Create a new Step Sequence

      2. Add a Rule Step to add access to membership

        1. Under Then do this, select Give access to WordPress Membership Level from the dropdown menu 

        2. Select the level of membership to give access to 

        3. Close the Step

      3. Add an Email Step to send new members their login information. This step must be after the Rule Step granting their access. It is a best practice to include a link to the login page and the merge fields for the Username and Password

    2. Add the Sequence to a Smart Form

      1. If the membership is free, add the sequence to the Manage Form Fills section of a smart form (in the form's Settings tab).

      2. If the membership is a paid membership, add the sequence to the Order Form used to purchase this product as a rule in the Manage Form Fills section under Run these rules if the payment is processed successfully (in the form's Settings tab).

    How to Release Drip Content to Your WordPress Members

    You can drip out content to your members by adding a few extra steps to the process outlined above. On the same Step Sequence you use to add members to your WordPress site (or on a separate Date Sequence for all-new content), create additional rule steps at desired intervals to change/update the Membership Level to other levels using the Give access to WordPress Membership Level rule action. You may then add Email Steps after each Rule Step in this Sequence that notify your subscribers that new content has been released.


    Example photo of 'drip release content announcement' Date Sequence



    Other Ways to Add Members to Your WordPress Site & Release Content

    A single contact - 

    Add a single contact to your WordPress site in the Memberships tab of their contact record or by subscribing the contact to your new member welcome Sequence.

    Multiple contacts -

    Subscribe a selection of contacts or an entire group of contacts to your new member welcome Sequence using the Actions drawer.

    Using Rules -

    Create a Rule, select a trigger of your choice, and then under Then Do This: select Give access to WordPress Membership Level.

    Other Important Facts

    • Removing member access from your WordPress site is just as easy as adding it. However, removing access erases the former membership level. To temporarily disable access, set the field Status to Disabled in the Contact record on the Memberships tab.

    • You can also change the Status field using a Rule in a Sequence. This can be part of a credit card decline sequence to temporarily suspend access to the site, and then restore the access by changing the field back to Enabled when a successful card payment is made. Use the Rule to Change the Value of a Field > Website Subscribers > Website > Status field to Disabled

    • Removing the membership level entirely is not recommended unless you are certain the member will not be returning. No record is kept of the former membership level.

    • The most common membership issue is failure to log in. Many contacts copy and paste the password and inadvertently add an extra space to the end of the password. Here are some tips to overcome this common issue:

      1. Remind your contact to carefully copy and paste the password in your welcome email

      2. Use a mono-spaced font such as Courier New for the username and password merge fields. This makes the username and password easier to read.

      3. Add instructions on the log in page stressing the importance of entering the password correctly, and provide a lost password link.


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    • Avatar

      Is it possible to let users choose their own username? I have Buddypress installed and am not happy with the profile name being their email (without the dot, but otherwise it is a complete email address!). They can choose/change their nickname but the profile name still shows up when someone views their profile.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      You can manually edit their usernames in the Contact record, or they can edit their user name in the Customer Center. But there is no automated way to change their username.

    • Avatar
      Chad Root

      If you drip new content as suggested above by adding new membership levels for new content, does the person get a different password for each notification?

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