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    Creating an ONTRAPORT Hosted WordPress Site

    About ONTRAPORT's Free WordPress Hosting

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    ONTRAPORT provides free WordPress hosting under our domain or one you configure exclusively for the new site. This free option has some important limitations.

    ONTRAPORT Hosting Limitations

    • You cannot install SSL certificates for secure member log ins or ecommerce
    • Your customers may see a warning about an "insecure site" because of the lack of a SSL certificate
    • You cannot access the site using FTP or control panel access
    • You cannot access the server's files to backup or move your site
    • Some plugins designed to query the server or display non-website files are not allowed
    • Your customers may see a warning about "insecure site" if you put an ONTRAform Order Form on the pages
    • You cannot "upgrade in place" to a better hosting plan if your site becomes too busy
    • You cannot use any plugin that sends email
    • You must use the alternate reset password method and cannot use the default password reset function

    When to Use ONTRAPORT Hosting

    The free option is suitable for basic membership sites and partner sites used solely to provide your Partners with access to their commission reports and promo tools. You can use a free ONTRAPORT Hosted WordPress site for basic Customer Center access, where customers can update their credit card information, email address, and access past invoices.

    For busy sites, e-commerce sites, or sites where you expect growth in the future we recommend you Integrate a New WordPress Site on an external web host instead.

    Creating a Free ONTRAPORT WordPress Site

    1. Navigate to Administration > Advanced Features > Wordpress and toggle the feature on.

    2. Now that the feature is on, go to Administration > Integrations > Wordpress Website

    3. Click Create New under New WordPress Site

      Click the Create New link in the New WordPress Site icon
    4. Name the WordPress site at the top. This name is used only within ONTRAPORT.
    5. Under Enter Domain / URL select the Hosted At option. You can choose to host the site on our domain using a subdomain, such as "" or use your own domain dedicated to this site.
    6. If you use your own domain, you must change the name servers to and at your registrar first.

      WARNING: This must not be done with any existing domain that has content, email service, or any other function. When you change the name servers you will permanently lose all content, email or any other services. We strongly recommend purchasing a new domain for your free ONTRAPORT hosted WordPress site.
    7. Add any membership levels you wish. You can always return here to edit or add more levels.
    8. Click Save at the top right. You do not need the PilotPress API Key and APP ID as ONTRAPORT will add them automatically.
    9. Make note of the Admin Login Credentials on the pop up after saving. You will need these to log in, and they are not stored anywhere in your account.

      WordPress credentials for an ONTRAPORT hosted WordPress web site

    Allowed File Types

    ONTRAPORT's servers allow many more file types than the default WordPress file types. However, some file types that we allow may not be compatible with all themes or even HTML5 embedding. Here is a list of the file types that can be uploaded onto our servers:


    • m4a
    • mid
    • midi
    • mp3
    • ogg
    • wav


    • 7z
    • atom
    • bz2
    • cab
    • css
    • csv
    • doc
    • docx
    • gz
    • html
    • ico
    • js
    • pdf
    • ppt
    • rar
    • rss
    • rtf
    • s7z
    • tar
    • tgz
    • txt
    • xls
    • xlsx
    • zip
    • zipx


    • eot
    • otf
    • ttf
    • woff


    • bmp
    • gif
    • jpeg
    • jpg
    • png
    • svg
    • svg
    • svgz
    • tif


    • mp4
    • ogv
    • wmv

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