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    WordPress Integration Troubleshooting

    Start Here: If one of the following issues is affecting your WordPress site:

    • Membership permissions are not passing correctly
    • Members are able to log in but are not redirected to the right page
    • Shortcodes are not functioning properly
    • ‘On Error’ redirects are not working properly
    • Members are unable to access a protected page that they should have membership access to.

    Try this

    ...the first thing to try is to Disable API caching which solves these issues the majority of the time. In order to disable API caching, log into the backend(dashboard) of your WordPress page and do the following:

    1. Go to Settings > Pilotpress > Advanced settings
    2. Check the box titled Disable API caching
    3. Save

    Once you’ve done this, run a test to check if the issue persists. If it does, please contact our support team.

    How do I detect which WordPress plugin is causing a conflict with Pilotpress?

    Step 1: Deactivate all of your plugins

    1. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Dashboard and select all active plugins by clicking the check box in the header row. 

    2. Choose Deactivate from the drop menu and click Apply to deactivate all the plugins at once.

      deactivate all plugins

    3. Activate the Pilotpress plugin. Then, choose your next most important plugin and activate it.

    4. Test the installation with just the PilotPress and your second most important plugin activated. Follow this process when testing:

      1. Log out of your WordPress site completely. 
      2. Create a new Contact in ONTRAPORT for testing purposes. Add a Membership level to the contact. 

      3. Open a new private tab or window in your browser (see instructions for Firefox and Chrome). 

      4. In the private tab or window, clear the cookies for your Wordpress site. This step is required. To see instructions on how to clear your cookies, click HERE.

      5. Go to the default WordPress login page by adding "/wp-login.php" to your domain:

      6. Log in as your new contact and verify the installation works with the plugins activated. 

      7. If the test is successful, log the contact out of WordPress, close the private tab or window, and log back in as the Administrator. Activate the next most important plugin.  Repeat from step a. in this section. 

    What plugins cause conflicts with Pilotpress?

    Our plugin is compatible with many others. Some plugins use similar features or code which can cause the two plugins to conflict. 

    There are thousands of WordPress plugins available, and we can't test them all. But these are some things to watch out for:

    • Any other "membership" plugin (S2 Member, BuddyPress, etc.)

    • Any plugin that manages "redirection" including many "login form editors"

    • Any Plugins that might restrict Ping requests that block based on having no User-Agent defined in the requests

    • Bullet Proof Security or other "security" plugins that use .htaccess commands to prevent PHP files from running. Note that Bullet Proof Security does not remove the .htaccess file it creates in /wp-content/plugins/ when you disable and delete it. You will have to remove it manually using FTP or SSH.

    • Security / Firewall plugins that block communication from PilotPress to the ONTRAPORT servers. Sucuri's WAF / CloudProxy will identify pilotpress.php as a "backdoor". If possible, whitelist the file at  /wp-content/plugins/pilotpress/pilotpress.php

    • IP blocking plugins such as Simple IP Ban may interfere with PilotPress communication with ONTRAPORT, or block Ping URLs from embedded forms.
    • Caching plugins (W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, etc.)

    • All in One SEO

    • Backup Buddy

    • Cloudflare's Rocket Loader (breaks tracking; disable Rocket in the plugin settings) 

    • CoSchedule 
    • Page Expiration Robot or Scarity Samuri

    • Yoast WordPress SEO if Facebook Opengraph is enabled
    • User Role Editor

    • Login form editors (using redirection)

    • Conditional menu redirect plugins such as If Menu

    Some of our clients have created custom coded solutions to overcome plugin conflicts. In other cases, such as with the cache plugins, you may be able to specify that the cache is not active for your membership pages.

    How do I detect if my WordPress theme is causing a conflict with Pilotpress?

    1. Go to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress Dashboard

    2. Deactivate your current theme.

    3. Activate a basic theme such as Twenty Twelve

    4. See if your functions work as normal.

    How do I troubleshoot basic Pilotpress Issues?

    To do this, first make sure your website is properly integrated with ONTRAPORT.

    1. Log into ONTRAPORT

    2. Go to the Navigation bar > Sites menu > WordPress.

    3. Click on the name of your WordPress site and note the info here

    4. Check for the Pilotpress plugin in WordPress

      1. Login to the backend of WordPress

      2. Click on Plugins

      3. Make sure Pilotpress is installed and active.

      4. Make sure you have the latest version of Pilotpress.

    5. Verify that the API from ONTRAPORT matches that in the WordPress backend.

      1. Login to the backend of WordPress by going to

      2. Go to Settings > PilotPress and make sure the APP ID and API Key match the values in ONTRAPORT for the site under Sites > WordPress

    6. If everything mentioned above is set up as described, contact our support team.


    How Do I Revert to a Prior Version of PilotPress?

    If you update to a new version of PilotPress and experience problems, you can revert to a prior version following this process:

    1. Make sure you have a recent backup of your WordPress site. ONTRAPORT is not responsible for any loss of data, etc. 
    2. Download the prior version of PilotPress from GitHub:

      1. Click the Branch: master button and select the version just prior to your current version

        select the prior version

      2. Click the green Clone or Download button and download the Zip file. 

        download old version

    3. In WordPress Admin > Plugins deactivate and then delete the installed PilotPress files
    4. Click Add New  and upload the zip file you just downloaded.
    5. Click to activate the uploaded version. The settings for your site should load from the database. 
    6. If the problems persist, you may have a conflict introduced by another plugin. 

    Be certain you have a recent backup should restoring your entire site become necessary. 

    Why won’t you fix my WordPress site?

    WordPress is an open source content management system and is a third party outside of ONTRAPORT. While our support is amazingly helpful, we would not want to risk causing damage to your website. Because of this, our support ends at our Pilotpress functionality. We will ensure that Pilotpress is working on your website without other plugins or theme enhancements. It is our user’s responsibility to ensure that other plugins or themes do not cause conflicts.


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    • Avatar
      Devin Slavin


      I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that PilotPress wasn't locking down my pages and I figured out why. As per OntraPort Support's suggestion I disabled all plugins one-at-a-time and found Yoast SEO was the problem plugin.

      So watch out if you're using Yoast and want to lock down content with PilotPress. I love Yoast! I hope the conflict can be resolved at some point soon...



    • Avatar
      erin peloquin

      Thanks for posting, Devin. I'm experiencing this also. And I'd really like to use Yoast. Have you found a good alternative to it?

    • Avatar
      Devin Slavin

      Hi Erin, I haven't done it yet. Actually running no SEO plugin at the moment as I haven't had time to find a replacement. Let me know if you find one as well. Thanks! :)

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      Frank Hagan
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