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    Create a 'Forgot Password' Campaign for WordPress


    About the Alternate Password Reminder Method

    The default WordPress "Forgot Password?" process will work fine with an integrated site, but suffers from several issues:

    • The email is sent by WordPress, and is not branded
    • You do not retain a copy of it in ONTRAPORT
    • It is more complex, forcing your member to click a link, visit an unbranded page on the WordPress site, and enter a new password
    • The extra steps required can present challenges for less technical members 

    This alternate password reminder system sends the member a fully branded email that includes their existing password. The email is tracked in ONTRAPORT, and you can see when it has been opened in the Contact Log.

    This method is easier to use for audiences with less technical backgrounds, and is appropriate in cases where higher security is not required. An example is a site for music lessons where the login is simply to control access to protected course material. You would not use this process for a site that contains any personally identifiable private information, such as repositories of contracts, sites where medical information is discussed in a forum, etc.

    Create a Password Reminder Form

    This alternative to the default "lost password" function in WordPress will send a custom password reminder email from your ONTRAPORT account, complete with all of your branding. It requires you to create a new login page on your WordPress site first. Then follow the instructions below . 

    1. Navigate to Campaigns > Forms and click the New Form button
    2. Select Create New on the ONTRAform icon
    3. Select the Start From Scratch template
    4. Name the form 'Password Reminder' and click Add Block
    5. Add a Smart Form block and click to edit the Form
    6. Delete all fields except for the Email field
    7. Make the Email field required
    8. Edit the Submit Button to say something like 'Get Password Reminder'
    9. Click the Form Settings icon in the Palette
    10. Set the Opt-in Settings to Single Opt-In
    11. Set the Send Contacts here: to Custom URL and enter the URL to your custom login page.

      WordPress login URL ni the Custom URL field

    12. Save the Form Settings at the bottom of this dialog (do not use the Manage Form Fills section as all other actions will be done on the Campaign).
    13. Click Done in the palette to return to the Blocks on This Page view
    14. Click the Publish button
    15. Select the Click to Pop Lightbox option and edit the link text to say Forgot Password?
    16. Click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the form code to your clipboard

    Add the Password Reminder Form to WordPress
    1. In WordPress, open your custom login page for editing (or create a new one)
    2. Click the Text tab in the editor
    3. Paste the form code from step 3 into the page underneath the login form code
    4. Save the page

    Create a Password Reminder Campaign
    1. Navigate to Campaigns
    2. Create a new Campaign or open an existing one related to your membership build
    3. Add a new Trigger element

    4. Click the + Add Trigger button
    5. Select "Contact Submits a Form" for the Trigger. Use the dropdown to select the Smart Form you created.

    6. Adjust the Settings.
    7. For Who can activate this trigger? select "Any Contact in account".
    8. In the If Contact is already on map, then ... drop down select "Add here again when triggered" (this setting leaves them where ever else they are on the Campaign Map; this is important if you are adding this password reminder path to an existing Campaign).
    9. Leave the checkbox unchecked for This trigger can only be activated once per Contact.
    10. Click Done in the Trigger settings panel
    11. Add a Send an Email element
    12. Create the email message, inserting the merge fields for the site's Password
    13. Optional: Insert the merge field for the site's Username and hyperlink the URL where members can log in. This is less secure than sending only the password, as anyone intercepting the email then knows the exact URL and full log in details. 
    14. Click Settings and enter subject line, send from, and reply to details, then click the "Copy from HTML" button to create a plain text version of the email. 
    15. Save the email.

    16. Add an End element.
    17. Do not check the Remove Contacts from this Campaign when they reach here check box in the Settings; that will remove them from the entire Campaign Map. The Trigger settings to add them again at the top of the campaign path in step 6 will automatically add them the next time they fill out the form.

    How This Works

    Now when your client clicks the Forgot Password? link the ONTRAform will pop up. The Contact fills in their email address and is subscribed to the Password Reminder Campaign.

    The Trigger on the Campaign is set to always add the Contact to this campaign path, even if they are already on the map elsewhere; this allows you to add this campaign path to your Membership Campaign map.

    Security Considerations
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