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    Add Shipping and Taxes to ONTRApages Order Forms

    About Shipping Charges and Taxes on ONTRApages Order Forms

    Shipping charges and taxes are added to orders using Rules on the order forms. These rules can look at the Contact fields, such as country, state or city fields, to determine the shipping or tax rate.


    Add Shipping methods
    1. To set shipping rates for products, click + Add Shipping Method in the Palette.

    2. Enter a name and price of your shipping type

    3. Add rules that declare when each shipping type is charged based on field values

    4. Select whether or not you’d like to charge shipping each time on recurring orders

    5. Click Done. Then click Save at the bottom of the the Palette.

    add shipping costs

    Shipping charges are not considered revenue and will not show in the "Next Charge" column in the Subscriptions and Payment Plans section on the Purchases tab of the Contact record.

    Shipping charges are not revenue.

    Note: Ensure all products on the order form have the same billing period. Transactions will fail if products have different billing periods such as per month and per quarter.

    Ship charges fail if billing periods are different

    Add Taxes
    1. Click the + Add A Tax Option from the Palette.

    2. Enter a name and tax percentage for each tax option. You can specify different amounts for each type of tax and add as many tax options as you like.

    3. Select whether or not to charge specified tax amount on shipping.


    4. Add rules that declare when each tax type is charged based on field values.

    5. Ensure the item is taxable in the product grid and click Save in the Palette. 


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