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    Partner Tracking Pixel

    What is the Partner Tracking Pixel?

    A special tracking pixel designed for ONTRAPORT users who sell their products using a third-party shopping cart and would like to integrate that with ONTRAPORT’s Partner Program feature.


    The pixel is placed on your checkout confirmation page. Once configured, any purchase made will merge order information into the URL of the pixel which, when loaded, is captured and tracked as a sale in ONTRAPORT with complete partner information from the cookie.

    How do I get it?

    Download the attached file at the bottom of this post. Edit the URL given in the file and replace the subdomain "demo" with your account's subdomain



    To find your account's subdomain, open any Smart Form for editing, click the Publish button and click the link to Host my form. The URL will contain your subdomain.


    How Can I Pass Multiple Product Information?


    The ONTRAPORT Tracking Pixel Text File below includes variables for a single product




    Add additional product variables by incrementing the number after the final underscore. In this example variables for a second and third product are included:




    A complete tracking pixel might look like this example (carriage returns added for clarity):


    Using the Correct Partner Program Promo Tool Link

    When creating Partner Program Promo Tools use the Standard Link type instead of a Direct Link. The Standard Link will cookie the browser properly and provide all the information necessary for the Partner Tracking Pixel to work (hover over image to enlarge).

    standard link promo tool

    Other Resources

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