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    Partner SubID Tracking

    What is Partner SubID tracking?

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Pro and above.

    This feature allows your Partners to track their promotional efforts so they can see what’s working to sell your product(s) and what’s not. They simply add a bit of code with a ‘tag’ (or SubID) to the end of their Partner links and we’ll automatically track and report their visits, leads, and commissions broken down by SubID. Like this:



    Who is it for?

    ONTRAPORT users with advanced partners promoting your products for you; specifically, those who want to know which of their ads are causing which results. If your Partners are asking you for SubID tracking, then you know it’s for you.

    Why it’s awesome

    It lets Partners know what’s working and what’s not: Let’s say you’re a Partner and you decide you’d like to spend some money to generate traffic for a partner offer, so you bid on a few different Adwords keywords. This feature allows you to add a tracking id (subid) for each keyword so that our system will tell you (the Partner) which keywords are generating visits, leads, and sales. Of course, this info gives you the confidence to spend more money on the ads that are causing results and ditch the losers.

    How to set SubIDs

    This is done by your Partners. They’ll simply log into their Partner Center on your website, click on the Reports tab and add &sid=[my subID] to the end of their Partner Links and we’ll track it.


    They can add as many different SubIDs as they want. So, they might add &sid=AdwordsAd1 to one link and &sid=AdwordsAd2 to another, and then in the Reports tab their results will be displayed for each SubID.

    There are instructions for your Partners on the reports tab of their Partner Center. Here’s what they’ll see:










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